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The goal of AHADA PRODUCTIONS COMMUNITY CENTER INC. ( A.P.C.C. ) is to produce happy, intelligent, well-adjusted children. Here you will find a nurturing and educational environment for children of ages 6 months to 12 years old. Ahada Productions Community Center is a CHARITABLE NON-PROFIT 501 (c) (3) Organization. Our Motto is "Education through Entertainment." Our workshops and clubs are for children of all ages. We hosts seasonal events, special educational projects, and productions. 

Ahada Productions has many entities designed to stimulate intellect in our youth and to implement public services. 

JRS JAZZ & JEST TV SHOW : A CHILDREN'S INTRODUCTION TO JAZZ , CLASSICAL , FOLK & BlUES MUSIC. Jazz and the study of Jazz promotes intellect, commitment and dedication in our youth. 

JAZZY JRS. : all children who participate in our Jrs Jazz & Jest Show. A Jazzy Jr. represents a cool kid who knows that education, the performing arts, community service and JAZZ are all very important and can be fun. Jazzy Jrs. also have style and are jazzy.

C.O.C.K.Y. : ( Coalition of Conscious Kids & Youth) Fancy Drill Team, young street team promoters who promote discipline, The Golden Rule and community service projects.

GODDESS GEAR : Our line of Designer clothes for little girls and teens. Sales on line, in stores and catalog mail outs. A portion of the proceeds go to benefit the production of our public service announcements.

I.N.P.U.T. (International Non-Profits United Together) An entity that brings non-profits together to implement fundraisers. Our Motto is "Unity is the key". 

GREAT PRETENDERS ENTERTAINMENT GROUP A performing arts group consisting of adults and youth who perform live and recorded shows that pay tribute to celebrities and stars such as, The Temptations, Michael jackson, Cher, Madonna, Prince, Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway , Josephine Baker, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Miles Davis and more . These shows are contracted out as fundraisers for APCC INC.

Here at APCC INC. Most of our board members are entertainers, entrepreneurs and teachers. We are a multi-media productions and performing arts group and we believe in early career development. At APCC we begin teaching our children skills once they are potty trained. Our educational programs and workshops are designed to mentor & educate toddlers, preschoolers, elementary and Jr. high age children. We offer weekday, weekends and summer workshops & programs. Ahada Productions Community Center produces PSA's (Public service announcements) for tv & radio. We publish books, magazines & music. Our products can be purchased on line or at our gift shops. 

We as teachers, leaders and mentors recognize that each child has unique talents, learning styles and personalities. Our highly-qualified counselors and instructors are committed to working within each child's comfort zone to ensure optimal social, emotional and educational results.

Workshops are kept to a low student-instructor ratio and often fill up quickly.


STAR CHILD MUSIC: An on line recording company that specializes in children's music. Our young artist record, promote and sell their cds and dvds . A portion of the proceeds will be donated to A.P.C.C. inc. for public service projects including performing arts scholarships and summer jobs for disadvantaged youth, summer and after school programs for physically challenged youth, senior services such as visiting senior centers and performing jazz, swing , big band and more , socks and soup for the homeless, toys for tots, public service announcements and more. STAR CHILD ARTIST WILL ALSO PERFORM IN CONCERT, THEIR MUSIC WILL BE PLAYED ON RADIO STATIONS NATIONWIDE, THEIR VIDEOS WILL BE PLAYED AIRED ON CABLE TV, THE INTERNET, PSA, ETC. 

LITTLE FACES GOING PLACES : ( Non-profit organization Georgia) Toys for tots project.

I.T.T. FOR KIDS : ( Information Technology for kids )

CAIS CLOSET ; (Clothing and accessories company for kids.) Donating gently used clothing for children in need. 

PAMER ME PRETTY: Thinking positive * Moving forward * Never looking back * Mentoring for girls & women.

Sign up today, or contact us for more information! APCC INC. 770 369-5675 Email: [email protected]